Hi! I’m Nathalie

If you're here it's likely that you’re ready to start sharing a vision that truly means something to you. Because somewhere along the way on your business journey, you’ve realized: the vision you have for your business is also power. It's the power that comes from communicating the passion that drives your business & connecting it to your clients. 

That power grows from getting your business known for standing for something.

That's the only way to stand out among a billion websites and it's what will turn your casual browsers into customers. Brightworks helps you achieve that through our top-notch design services and programs. We want you to come away with something special, inspiring & game changing

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Brightworks offers custom branding, web design & marketing services. We offer 3 signature programs, each designed to take your business to the next level based on the stage you are in your business.



You're starting a business...


You want a strong, professional website launch & all the right tools and guidance as you get started in your business. You want to make sure you cover all the important steps. The good news is you are just weeks away from getting there.


YOU'RE READY TO Build a profitable online business...

You need en e-commerce and/or list-building website that expresses who you are and turns visitors into customers. This is your shortcut to standing out and being profitable online.


You're an expert who is ready to grow...

You need help to strategize your campaigns, grow your social platforms, teach online and/or deliver materials that captivate your audience. This is your roadmap to ensure your message gets to the right people.




"Nathalie has a gift to not only understand impassioned expressions but to return with a website design that captures all of it- and in a beautiful, elegant way. She is fast and thorough and a delight to work with. I think my favorite part of working with her is that she shares an enthusiasm about getting it right. We couldn’t be more pleased. Our site is truly an integral part of how we tell our story to our prospective clients. The sense of renewal and the burst of energy that came with our updated web presence has been a big boost to our firm."



Website Power Sessions

✓  Learn to Build A Gorgeous Website
✓  Get design guidance & coaching
✓  Take control of your business

✺  Includes 45 minute coaching session & personalized action plan!