How to get more NFL players on Twitter: The key to building trust

With the NFL’s first social media push, teams will have a much-needed tool to get players talking about the game on social media.

But how do they get the conversation going?

In a series of articles for ESPN, ESPN Insider’s Matt Bowen and NFL Media’s Jason La Canfora delve into the topic, and what it means for players and their fans.

First, the facts:The NFL is on track to hit 200 million followers in the next few months.

For teams like the Dallas Cowboys, it’s a new high, but for others like the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals, the number could rise even higher.

The NFL’s official Twitter account has 1.7 million followers, according to NFL Media, but that number is not necessarily representative of how many players use the platform.

The majority of those players have over 1 million Twitter followers, Bowen said.

That means they have more than 40 percent of Twitter users.

For those teams that have a large amount of fans, there could be more to get to, he said.

The Cowboys have one of the most active Twitter accounts in the NFL, but the Cowboys don’t have many fans.

They’re more interested in what the Cowboys are doing than what’s happening on the field.

The Rams and Cardinals have two active Twitter followers but only about 12 percent of their fans follow them, Bowen noted.

The Rams and Bears have about 3 percent and 3 percent of fans on Twitter, respectively.

Both have active Twitter teams, but it’s the Bears that have more followers than the Rams.

The Chargers have the third-largest Twitter following in the league behind the Rams and the Broncos.

They have more fans than the Chargers and the Cowboys, but they don’t get a lot of attention from the media.

The Broncos have about 8 percent of its followers following the Broncos, and only about 1 percent follow the Chargers.

The Broncos have more active Twitter fans than all but two of the NFL teams, according the league.

The Raiders are also one of only four teams that has active Twitter and Facebook accounts, according that league.

The Raiders account has about 1.8 million followers and has about 4.5 million Twitter fans, according Bowen.

The Twitter accounts for the other teams are inactive.

The teams’ social media efforts are not without their challenges, however.

The San Francisco 49ers have an active Twitter account, but not many fans follow the team.

The team has about 9,000 Twitter followers.

The Los Angeles Chargers have about 1 million fans on the team, and the team has 5.5 percent of those fans following the team on Twitter.

The Cleveland Browns have only about 4,000 fans following them on Twitter and don’t follow many of the teams on Twitter either.

The Minnesota Vikings have a very active Twitter following of more than 5 million.

But the team doesn’t follow much of the team’s other fans.

The New Orleans Saints have the second-most active Twitter handles among the NFL players with more than 10,000 followers.

The Tennessee Titans have more Twitter followers than all of the other players on the teams, and they have nearly 2 million followers.

They also have more supporters than the Jacksonville Jaguars, which has just over 3,000 on Twitter as of press time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have about 7,000 active fans on their Twitter accounts, and more than half of them follow the Steelers.

The Steelers account has more followers, but fewer fans than other teams.

The Oakland Raiders have about 2,000 fan followers and a team that has more than 9,600 Twitter followers has the third most active fans following their team.

But more fans follow Oakland than the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is the case despite having about 1,600 fans following Oakland.

The Chicago Bears have a huge fan following on Twitter with more followers that any other team in the NBA, according Twitter’s metrics.

The Chicago Bears account has 2.8.million followers, more than all the teams combined.

The Oakland Raiders account is only a little more than 1.4.million fans.

The Buffalo Bills account has just under 1 million followers; the Miami Dolphins account has around 3.3 million; and the Washington Redskins account has 3.1 million.

The Philadelphia Eagles have an account with more fans following it than any other player on the NFL team.

This account has 517,000 people following it on Twitter right now, and that account has nearly 5,000 more fans followed than any of the players on each team, according’s stats page.

The Dallas Cowboys account has almost 2.5.million people following them.

The Green Bay Packers have an inactive account with fewer fans following than the Oakland Raiders.

The Denver Broncos have a team Twitter account that has over 2 million fans following, but its followers are a little less than 1 percent of the Broncos fans.

This Twitter account is not a team’s official account.

The Atlanta Falcons have an even smaller fan following of less than 2,400 fans, but a team-wide Twitter account

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