Axios Predicts the Next Phase of the ‘Obamacare’ Reinvented Source Bloomberg title Axio Predicts a $1 Trillion Reinvention of the U.S. Healthcare System – Axios

The next phase of the Affordable Care Act will be a major transformation, according to Axios.

The healthcare overhaul will require an overhaul of the way the federal government operates, Axios’ senior vice president of health care projections and solutions, Brian Blaser, wrote in a report published today.

It will require the government to get more efficient, Blaser wrote, and that means the next step in the implementation of the law will be to overhaul the way health plans work and to require more transparency.

Blaser cited the example of an insurer that is required to file claims and pay them out on time.

The next step would be to make sure that claims are filed on time and paid out, and then that the claims are paid out to the insurer in a timely manner.

Blasker cited a proposal in Congress to create a so-called reinsurance fund, where insurers would pay out claims and the government would pay them back, so there is a direct link between the government and insurers, Blaskers proposal.

If you’re looking for an example of how to implement this, Blasher wrote, look no further than a new proposal proposed in the Senate that would mandate that every health plan in the country be subject to the same standards as everyone else.

The proposal would be based on a model that would apply to all plans in the U-S-A, Blasher wrote.

For instance, if an insurer wants to charge an annual deductible, they’d need to make their claims out in a certain period of time, Blasin wrote.

The idea is that it’s the government doing the work for the insurer, Blasean wrote.

This model is being discussed in Congress, but the Senate is not in favor of it.

Blashers report notes that the CBO’s estimate for the law is $1.6 trillion, or about $600 per capita.

The government currently spends about $2,000 per capita on healthcare for people under 65, and the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the new tax would raise $600 billion per year for the government.

Obamacare is already paying premiums to insurers, and many of the insurance companies are raising premiums.

Axios wrote that the $600B per year that would be paid by insurers would increase premiums by about 10% over the next decade.

Axiom, the insurance company that covers Axiom plans, recently raised premiums by 50%, to $3.50 per month.

Axion, a health insurance company, raised its premiums by 15% to $4.50.

This could mean more people are paying more, Axion wrote.

Axio projected that insurance premiums would increase by roughly 40% over 10 years for individuals and families.

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