How to use a vsts plan layout

This article shows you how to use the vsts project plan layouts to help you plan your project.

You’ll find them in the project plan builder as well as in the Vsts project management plan.

The plan layouts will help you decide what features to include in your project, and what features and responsibilities you’ll have to fulfil in the course of the project.

They also help you determine when and how to pay for the project, so that it can move ahead.

Here’s how you can use a project plan to plan a vst project.

The following is an overview of how to create a project planning plan, and how you’ll use it in your own projects.


Click on the project icon in the top left of the main plan page.


Select the project you want to plan.

This is the one you want.

If you have more than one project, select them one by one.


Next, click the Add to plan button.


Fill in the details of the plan.

Click Next.

The Add to Plan button will open.


You can choose from a range of options for your plan.


Now that you’ve selected your plan, you can add any of the other details that are needed.

For example, you may want to set the duration of your project or set up any other project related tasks.


You’re ready to start the plan and start work on the vst.


Click the Submit button.


You will now see a progress bar on the plan, which shows how many days, weeks, months, or years have passed since the last time you visited this page.

You may need to refresh the page periodically, but this will take care of that.

If the progress bar gets too large, click Cancel.

Now you can start your project and work on your vst!

For more information on using vsts projects, see the vssts project help page.

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