Why DC needs a new electric system to help meet its energy needs

An electric system will be needed to meet Washington’s energy needs, but it could take years before that happens, according to a report.

The Washington Department of Energy report, released Monday, calls for installing a hybrid grid that includes a mix of wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants to provide enough energy to meet the city’s growing demand for electricity.

The report calls for at least 60 percent of the electric power in the city be generated from renewable sources by 2040, and the other 40 percent from fossil fuels.

The report recommends a mix for the mix, with at least 25 percent from renewables and the rest from fossil fuel plants.

The energy report also recommends that the city start working with the federal government to develop a national strategy to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The city’s goal of increasing renewable energy in its energy mix is something that the department says is important to do because of the citywide economic impact it would have on the region.

It also says that this is an important step for the city to take in order to become a leader in the global energy transition.

It also notes that it has been working with utilities to develop its own solar panels and wind turbines to be installed in the metro area.

The new report comes as the city and federal government are preparing to unveil the nation’s largest plan for the nation in the coming months to transition away from fossil energy and towards renewables.

The plan will lay out a comprehensive plan to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

It is expected to be released later this year.

The plan calls for a mix in which at least 75 percent of electricity will come from renewable energy sources and another 25 percent be from fossil sources.

It says the new hybrid grid could provide enough power to meet at least 80 percent of energy needs for about three years and then be fully operational for another six years.

The system could help meet the growing demand in Washington, and it will likely require a lot of work and investment, the report says.

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