India, Brazil sign ‘gold standard’ in solar energy by 2030

By MICHELLE A. WAGNERA ReporterPublished: December 01, 2018 11:35:20The World Bank is set to release its annual Sustainable Energy and Development Report on Tuesday, which predicts India, the second largest economy in the world, will achieve a world-leading percentage of renewable energy by 2020, and Brazil will achieve it within two years.

The report, which will be released on Dec. 9, is expected to give a sense of how the world is doing in this area.

The report was prepared by the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy Center in New Delhi.

The two countries will have more than 100,000 solar panels installed, with the majority being on the rooftops of buildings and in residential and commercial areas.

The Indian solar industry has grown to nearly 400 megawatts of installed capacity.

India is expected grow by nearly 10% per year.

The Brazilian solar industry is projected to grow by more than 20% per years.

India is the world’s largest solar energy consumer, but the country has not yet been able to achieve a global solar-energy-equivalent (SEED) of about one-third of the world average.

The SEED, or installed capacity, refers to the amount of solar panels that can be installed in a country at a given time.

India currently has more than two times the installed capacity of Brazil, which has about 2,000 megawatts, according to the World Energy Council.

Brazil is expected increase its installed capacity to about 5,600 megawatts in 2019.

India has been the largest consumer of renewable power in the developed world, according the report.

The country generates about 75% of its electricity from renewable sources and consumes less than a quarter of the global electricity consumption, the report said.

Brazil is the largest SEED consumer in Latin America and the Caribbean, with nearly 50% of electricity from solar energy.

India’s solar industry will benefit from a variety of factors including improved governance, the development of infrastructure and better financing.

The country has been able “to address key issues” in terms of governance, said the report, citing the recent creation of a national policy body and the implementation of a comprehensive set of energy efficiency and green energy targets.

“This has allowed the country to become a leader in the region, particularly in the solar sector,” the report noted.

The World Economic Forum is expected on Tuesday to release a global outlook of the 2030s, with India ranked at the top of the agenda.

Brazil will be a major player on the agenda, the World Economic Group is expected say.

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