Tech company plans to launch ‘cloud’ cloud-based service to connect users with developers

Tech giant Facebook and Google announced today that they will start working on a cloud-computing service called ‘’ that will allow developers to develop apps on a shared platform.

The company said it would also work with major publishers to make this the default app for publishing on the Internet. 

‘We want to create a world where everyone is able to create and publish with the same standards, and we want to be the platform for that to happen,’ said Zuckerberg in a statement.

‘That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with some of the world’s most innovative companies on this new platform.”

We’ve already launched two products for Android, and will be working on more products for iOS and Windows.’

The two-week preview of the new product will be open to anyone, and it will be available on Google Play and the iOS App Store, Facebook said.

The app will be able to integrate with Facebook’s existing cloud computing infrastructure, as well as other cloud services.’

We believe that we can accelerate the growth of the open web with this platform,’ Zuckerberg added.

‘We’re working with companies that have been building open source apps for years and want to help build a better, more inclusive platform for open source developers.

We’re excited about what we’re doing, and look forward to seeing what else we can build together.’ 

The company has already worked with Facebook and other publishers to provide developers with access to the same APIs and data-sharing tools as those already used by the Facebook and Apple platforms. 

Zuckerberg also said that the new service will be designed with an emphasis on speed and reliability.

‘This is the most powerful way for people to share their code with others, and for the platforms that provide that to be built by the community, by the companies that build those platforms,’ he said.

‘And we want the tools and data that people need to build apps to be available in a way that makes it easy for people who want to share code to do so in a safe, easy way.’ 

As well as being the default for the app, the service will also be available to developers from other platforms, including those with a commercial-scale infrastructure. 

Developers can create apps on Facebook’s platform with the help of third-party tools and tools from third-parties.

Developers will also have the option to integrate the app with Facebook products like its mobile app and the web-based News Feed. 

Facebook plans to offer a free, paid plan for developers. 

For developers, the new platform will be a new way to share and develop on Facebook and Facebook’s own apps, which are used by more than a billion people. 

This is a big deal for developers and users of Facebook, as they are used to building their apps on third-person platforms.

Developers can now build on a platform like Android and iOS and then access that platform’s APIs and databases, but they are not allowed to share that code or data. 

To ensure that users have access to that code and data, Facebook will use the Open Data SDK to create tools that will let developers make their apps work with the platforms they are building.

Facebook will also work closely with third- party platforms to make sure that their developers have access. 

 The app will work with both Android and iPhone, and the app will support third-generation devices, like the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the company said. 

Google, which owns YouTube, has long been known for its use of open-source APIs, and this is the first time it has teamed up with Facebook on a major platform.

Google also announced a partnership with the New York Times to make the News Feed available on Android and in the iOS app. 

In a separate statement, Facebook added that it has been working on its own platform for some time, but ‘it took time to get to this point.”

Our hope is that this will be the first step in building a platform that enables the sharing of code, data and ideas across many platforms,’ the company added. 

The platform will not replace the Facebook News Feed, which has a built-in search feature and allows users to share content directly from the app to other sites, like YouTube.

The News Feed is the default news app on iOS and Android, but is not yet supported on Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or Windows Phone. 

While the platform is still in its very early days, Zuckerberg is already getting some feedback from users about how they are using the app.

In one recent survey, about half of users said they would be using the service on a regular basis, and many also said they want to use it to share articles and other content. 

Read more: Facebook launches ‘cloud.’

It will be used for developers to share apps on the internet.

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