‘Thick’ pallet project in the heart of the redwood forest plans to be completed by 2022

The Redwood Project has announced plans to build a pallet-like planer project in a remote forest near Redwood City, which it hopes will be finished by 2022. 

The Redwood project, which will see the pallet structure built on top of a 2-storey, 1.5-metre-high tower, will be the first in New South Wales.

It will be built by a consortium of private and government partners. 

Redwood City’s redwood plantation will be a popular destination for locals. 

“We are excited to be building a unique new development that will allow residents to enjoy the Redwood’s beauty and history,” project director Tony Wilson said.

“Redwood has a rich history, a rich heritage, and a rich community that deserves to be recognised.” 

Redmond’s City Council’s planning committee will make a recommendation to the council on the project at its March 13 meeting. 

Greenfield and East Fremantle are the last two cities to apply for the project, with Greenfield and West Fremantle already approved.

The plan is a $400 million project that includes a 7.4-metres high structure and a 1.4 metres wide tower.

The Redwoods have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have been home to some of the world’s oldest trees, including a giant redwood that is believed to have been formed when a comet hit the planet in 67AD. 

In February, the Government of New South, Victoria said it would fund a study to look at the feasibility of a project to replace the existing redwood plantations in the area.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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