‘We have to stop the bulldozers’: Palestinian village plans to turn around bulldozer operation

The village of Tulkarm, near Hebron, plans to upgrade its bulldozer operations by adding a generator, lighting and electrical systems.

It plans to operate three-year-old diesel generators, as well as solar panels.

“The diesel generators will be replaced by natural gas generators, and the electrical system will be upgraded to electricity,” Tulkam said.

The village is currently operating a generator and an old diesel generator, but the plan for the generator will be to turn it into a solar-powered generator, he said.

Tulklam said the village will be able to use the electricity generated by the generator, which is expected to produce 50 kilowatts of electricity.

“It will not be enough to power a household, so we are looking for alternatives,” he said, adding that a new generator is not needed.

The villagers said the new generator will provide electricity to the village for its water supply and electricity for the village’s heating and cooking.

A local resident said the diesel generators were “a great help in our life.”

“The generator is quite simple, but it will provide us with electricity.

There are many villages in the area who cannot afford electricity and we are happy to take advantage of the diesel generator,” said Abu Shuaib, who is also a teacher at the school.

Tushuya is located on the western edge of Hebron and is home to around 200 families.

The water is scarce, and most of the wells are damaged, and it is difficult to access.

The area has no electricity, and there is no water to drink.

Tulmeh is a nearby village, and Tulkama said they hope to turn the village into a tourist destination.

“We want to be able for the tourists to come and see us, to take pictures and enjoy the water,” Tuluya said.

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