When will you start shipping your product?

The European Union is about to begin the process of deciding whether to allow Apple to produce and sell smartphones in the bloc.

This is the second round of talks with the US company, after the first was in February.

As the European Commission said at the time, this is a “significant step towards an open and interoperable Europe.”

In the US, it has been at a standstill.

Apple has not publicly commented on whether or not it is going to produce phones in the EU, nor has it commented on the process the EU is taking.

This means the process could take a while, and we won’t know for sure until December at the earliest.

But the EU’s decision could be a catalyst for the US.

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the US could decide to go ahead with its own “big-ticket” plan for manufacturing iPhones in Europe, with the intention of eventually producing them in the US as well. 

That’s why this week’s announcement by the European Union has become so significant.

It could mean that the US is going down the path of creating a new manufacturing hub for Apple in the European market, one that will allow it to import the iPhone from China. 

The European Commission says that the iPhone is “the single most important innovation that Apple has ever made” in the history of the mobile industry.

And, according to the WSJ, Apple has made this decision “with the support of the European economy, the European government, the Federal Council, the Commission, and its member states.”

It’s a decision that’s likely to benefit Apple, as well as the US and other smartphone makers. 

“In the EU there is a clear and growing desire to open up a new market for Apple’s products, and this is precisely why the EU has decided to make this a key element of its economic and regulatory policy,” a spokesperson for the European commission told the WSj. 

Apple is currently working with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is also responsible for the EU and the US’ respective food safety regulations.

That authority will decide whether Apple can export its iPhone into the EU.

It’s unclear whether that decision will go ahead, though.

The US will need to take a look at its own manufacturing process, which is already complicated, and decide whether it wants to join the European-based iPhone cartel or not.

Apple isn’t the only company interested in the iPhone, either.

The German company LG recently launched its own smartphone, the G6, which uses a modular design.

The LG G6 is available now in China, and it has also launched in the UK.

But LG hasn’t said if it will ship the G5 to the EU in 2017. 

What to know about the iPhone 7:What you need to know to buy an iPhone 7 article The iPhone 7 is coming, and in the meantime, Apple is also working on its own next-generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone X. It’ll likely come with a bigger screen, faster processors, a better camera, and possibly an upgraded version of the camera app.

That’s all based on the fact that the first iPhone 7 was supposed to ship in January 2018.

But now it looks like that will be pushed back until 2019, according a Bloomberg report.

In that time, Apple will have to start making phones again in Europe.

It may also have to open new manufacturing facilities to meet growing demand.

And that’s going to require a lot of money.

According the report, the company will need a total of around €12 billion ($14 billion) to make the iPhone and the G7, plus the G10, and the iPhone 8.

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