Which project plan should I use for my personal project?

What should I include in my personal plan? 

What kind of project is it? 

When and where can I work on it?

You may have already tried to plan your project but were unsure how much time you have left before it’s due. 

 But there are also times when you can get a little more specific. 

For example, when you are a newbie to your project and you are just starting out, the question is always, “How long do I want to work on this?”. 

But that is where you may need to consider other questions, such as “Is there a timeline in place for when I can expect to be paid?”. 

And you may also need to think about your own project. 

You might want to consider the time it takes for a project to go through a review process, which can mean you will be waiting a while before you get paid. 

Or, you might want a project that is very specific and requires a certain amount of work before you are eligible for payment. 

What to include in your personal project plan?

If you’re unsure about your project, you can use this checklist to get you started. 

If you need further guidance on the subject, check out Project Plan Form, Project Report Form and Project Time Plan. 

As with any project, these are just a few guidelines that you can add to your personal plan if you’re ready to move ahead. 

Personal project planning checklist: 1.

Your personal project budget This is a number that you should keep in mind when making your personal projects. 

It will help you to decide how much to spend on your project. 

 For example: you may need a project budget of £10,000. 

Your project budget should include £10,00 for food and £3,000 for accommodation for yourself and your partner. 

However, this does not include your partner’s accommodation and any additional costs such as £100 for your hotel room. 


Your project time Your personal project time will help to determine how long you have to work for your project before it is ready for payment, and will also determine whether or not you will get paid when your project is due.

You can decide to work until your project comes to completion or work until you can find a partner that will pay you. 

Project time project time project time (working week) project time (last week’s working week) project-specific income Project-specific Income (£) – project budget £100 – project salary £3,500 – taxpayer subsidy (taxpayer rebate) £100 -project time £10,-30 -project work hours hours per week hours required for project to be completed, including work time required for personal projects and project work. 


Your budget for personal project This can vary depending on how much you are planning to spend. 

The budget you set will also help you determine how much personal project you will need to work to pay for your personal work.

You will also need a reference budget, which will tell you how much money you will have to spend for your personal projects (excluding the taxpayers subsidy for personal projects). 

For more information on personal project planning see Project Budget Form, Project Report Form, and Project Time Plan or Project Income Form and Personal Project Form. 


Personal project payment rate This number will give you the rate you will pay for personal work you work on for a certain number of hours. 

This will depend on the project type you are working on. 

In the example below, a project with a single person will pay £50 a week. 


Personal time off payment This amount will tell you how much time off you will take off your personal projects from your project. 

By default, personal project payment rates are based on the number of working hours a project takes for each individual project per week.

Personal projects with more than one individual person working on them will have a different payment rate. 


Project budget You will need a project budget to work out how much personal project you need to work for. 

To work out your personal budget, you can use Project Plans Form or Project Reports Form.

Personal Project Budget Form Personal Project Amounts and details of the personal project are included in this form. 

Please note that personal project budgets cannot be paid until you have completed your personal business. 


Project time You can decide whether or not to work your personal time off from personal projects into your personal projects. Again,

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