Why archiving is so important

A project plan for archiving, which is currently under development at the University of Washington, describes how researchers could use the technology to preserve data that could be used to develop a next-generation cloud computing service.

Researchers would then store the data on a secure storage medium and eventually send it back to researchers.

The plan calls for the University to develop an open-source version of the technology that is open source.

The open-sourced plan would then be put into production.

The university, which will use the data in a new open-access project called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), is aiming to create a cloud-based service that could make data archiving easier for researchers and the public.

In an interview with Fortune, UW researchers Chris Wilson and James Crouch described the project as “an interesting approach” to using digital archiving to help researchers keep the data secure.

The UW researchers are working with an undisclosed company that’s building a cloud storage service for the project, and they are not disclosing how the company will use its data.

Wilson said the service will be a cloud service that users can access by connecting their computers to the UW’s cloud.

The cloud service will provide users with a cloud directory where the university can store their research.

The researchers say they want to make sure researchers can access the data without needing to use third-party software.

“There is so much information that we could put online, but we want to be able to do it in a way that will be safe for everyone,” Wilson said.

Wilson and Crouch are working on the project to build the cloud storage and a software platform that will make it possible to use the UW data as a research project.

They hope to release the data by the end of next year, after a public review process.

Wilson told Fortune that he expects the project will be more accessible than its current prototype.

The technology will be “as easy to use as a search engine and as secure as a password-protected file system,” Wilson told the publication.

The project will also have the benefit of making the UW a leader in digital archival.

“This is really a way for us to get into this field and become a leader, and not just an incubator for new ideas,” Wilson added.

The idea of using the UWs data as part of a project could help researchers to make archiving more secure, because researchers will be able, for example, upload their data to a secure cloud service and send it to researchers in another country.

That data will be kept safe from hackers.

Wilson is a professor in the School of Information, who works at the UW Center for Information Technology and the Public Interest.

Crouch, who is a postdoctoral fellow in the UW Office of Information Technology, is working on a project at the National Institutes of Health that uses UWs archive data as the basis for a software package.

Wilson’s team is also working on using the data to develop software that will allow researchers to create cloud-connected tools that can help researchers access and study data.

The software, called OCP (Optimization for Copying), will help researchers create tools that will help them quickly access data stored on cloud storage.

The team also is working with a university-based academic organization called the UW Research Center to develop the software.

Wilson hopes to release OCP as a open-ended project, but he said he wants to keep the project under wraps.

He told Fortune he wants the public to be aware of the project’s progress.

“We’re not going to go public until we have a very good, robust proposal that’s being vetted by other members of the community,” Wilson explained.

Wilson, who also serves on the UW research center’s open-content board, said that the project is not yet under contract with a company.

“I don’t think that anyone’s going to buy this,” he said.

“They’re going to be really interested in seeing the proposal and then hopefully they’ll be open to other people joining in.”

Wilson said that he hopes that OCP can help to secure the data that will eventually be released.

He said that when the data is released, it will be possible to search the UW cloud directory to find and download a copy of the data.

“The idea is that the public is going to find it and that we’ll have a public archive of the material,” he told Fortune.

Wilson added that the data will also be accessible to researchers who want to use it as part the project.

He added that he does not expect the project would ever become a commercial product.

“Our goal is to build this as a platform for other projects to use, and to use this as part our open-knowledge work to make these tools better,” Wilson noted.

The data archive will help UW researchers to improve their work, said Wilson.

“A lot of the work that’s been done with our archive has been done in the context of open-science,” Wilson continued.

“It’s really good work,

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