‘Woodworking Projects of the Year’ list: What to expect for 2018

Here’s a list of the top 20 projects in 2018, and the first six weeks in 2018.

Read more about this year’s winners.

Here are some other projects you might be interested in: Tallgrass:  The Tallgrass project plan is a four-bedroom apartment, a three-storey walk-up with a terrace, and a four bedroom in the future.

It’s located at 871 Nottles Road, Grafton, NSW, Australia.

This listing has since been removed, but the listing for the property can still be found here.

Paparazzi: The Paparazzo project plan and plans for a home on the waterfront at the Port of Grafto are currently listed for $1.5 million, with the project currently being marketed as “one of the most expensive homes on the market”.

The listing has been removed from the property, but is still available on the property’s listing.

Auckland Airport: A listing of a house on the Airport’s property on the Auckland waterfront, on the corner of Gorgon Street and Southland Avenue, has been put up for sale.

It is listed for a value of $2.5m and includes three bedrooms, four baths, and is located on a large piece of land.

The house has a five-metre front walk-in closet and a three bedroom backyard with a large pool and a deck.

The property is on the south side of the Airport and is expected to open in 2018.(New Zealand Property Brokers) A house on a site on the Port Road, near the Portway, New Zealand’s North Shore.

Mixed-use development project: New Zealand’s largest mixed-use project will be coming to fruition in 2018 in the area of North End, near The Docklands in Auckland.

The planned Mixed-Use Development, which includes a new office building, a new residential apartment block, and an existing residential tower, is currently listed on the Property Broker.

The development is planned to be a mixed-used residential/commercial building with a rooftop park.

It will include 5.6 million square metres of office space, an apartment tower with three levels of apartment floors, a retail space, a gymnasium, and office space for the Auckland Council.

The project is expected be completed in 2021.

Homes on the edge: Houses on the Edge, a mixed residential/ commercial development with a 10-storeys rooftop park, is slated to be completed on the site of the former The Dockland Hospital site in 2020.(Trent Barker/Redferns) Growth in Auckland: In the years since the 2008 financial crisis, the number of new residential units has increased from 8,000 to 21,000 in Auckland, while the number in the CBD has increased by 2,500 units to 23,500.

There are also new commercial properties on the way.

New residential buildings: There are also plans for more residential development in Auckland in 2018 as well as new commercial developments, with a number of these projects expected to be in the next few years. 

Tallwood: Two new residential projects have been approved by Auckland Council to open their doors in 2018: a four storey home on Tallwood Road in the heart of the city, and two more projects planned to open next year, including a residential tower on the same site.

Grafton Street: This one-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Graftons Creek on the north side of Gaugarenstons Park, has an entry to the property via a walkway from the park.

The building has a four room one-and-a-half bedroom with three bathrooms, an enclosed living area, and outdoor living room, and has been built on the old property of the St. Andrews Anglican Church, which is now owned by the Government.

 New residential development: Another development, on a property currently owned by Auckland council, is expected in 2018 that will be the first residential tower built in the North Island, which will be located on the Graftonian site on The Dock Islands.

The residential tower will have a five storeys high building, and will be designed to be designed around sustainability, including the use of reclaimed wood and natural gas.

Waterfront: Three new residential towers are also in the pipeline.

The first, to be built on Southshore Road, in Auckland’s Southland, will be completed by the end of 2020.

The two more towers, to open at the end and end of 2021, will also be in development in the Auckland CBD.

Docklands: Dockside apartments are planned for The Dock on the Southshore and at the other end of the island, in a development planned for 2020.


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