When it comes to projects, you can’t plan the cosmos

The future of the world is now, according to the United Nations.

The UN said on Thursday that it had published a plan for the next 100 years, which it described as “the next big thing”.

The new blueprint will be released on Monday, the same day as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where world leaders will meet for the annual gathering of the UN’s major economies.

The new plan is the latest in a series of attempts by world leaders to come together and make a global agreement on climate change.

The plan also reflects a new kind of political realism.

In the past, the UN has tried to avoid using its status as a world body to push for specific policies, but now it is stepping into the political fray and is using its vast expertise to produce a comprehensive and ambitious plan.

“The world is going to have to decide,” said Chris Barres, a professor of political science at the University of Sussex.

“What we are seeing is a new level of realism, a new way of thinking about the world.”

The plan, called the Global Compact, is based on a number of assumptions about how the world will be changing by 2050.

It does not specify the precise technologies, how much carbon dioxide pollution will be emitted and how many people will be affected by climate change, for example.

The idea behind the plan is to make sure that the world’s governments, companies and citizens all take a lead role in shaping the world into the future it wants to be.

It is also a plan that is based largely on the work of two Australian researchers who worked on the blueprint.

They are Dr Peter Stott and Dr Michael Bekin, who published a book called “Planning the World”, and have been involved in many climate and energy issues for decades.

“We think it is a great idea that is really going to be a game changer in terms of the way we design our future,” said Dr Bekins co-founder, Professor Anthony Watts.

“It is a blueprint for how the UN and the rest of the international community should be thinking about how we should respond to climate change,” said Professor Stott, a former director of the Australian National University’s Centre for the Study of Climate Change.

The global compact is being produced by the UN in collaboration with governments and companies around the world.

It will be open to any country, including the US, China, India, Brazil and Russia.

It will be overseen by a panel of experts from a range of disciplines, including economics, finance, engineering and environmental policy.

It has the backing of several major global corporations, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

The document does not say who will be the authors of the global compact.

It is to be submitted to the UN Security Council, which will then make a final decision.

It does, however, set out the major themes that will shape the document.

They are: 1) The global economy must become a global commons, and the UN will do its part in promoting it; 2) We must create a world of greater economic security for the poorest and most vulnerable, and that includes addressing the climate crisis; 3) The United Nations must develop a global strategy for adaptation and mitigation, and ensure that it has the support of all countries, including those that do not agree with its policies.

The compact does not set out specific targets for reducing emissions, nor how the rich countries will pay for their share.

Instead, it says the countries will contribute towards the global goal of limiting global warming to no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels.

While some countries are making progress, other countries have yet to meet the targets set by the agreement.

The US has already made substantial cuts in emissions in the past decade, while Canada, the UK and Germany have all announced plans to cut their emissions.

However, most countries still plan to burn through their reserves of fossil fuels in order to meet their emissions targets, which could leave them in a financial position of “negative equity” and potentially lead to their defaulting on their obligations under the deal.

The United Nations has repeatedly called for a new climate deal, in particular a global climate accord with a binding carbon price, which would provide a mechanism to stop countries from defaulting.

But in the short term, the global climate deal is unlikely to be ratified.

“A lot of the countries are trying to work out ways to try and stay within the agreement, and so they are still working on how to stay within it, but they are not going to sign up to a binding climate agreement,” said Prof Barres.

While countries have a responsibility to protect their emissions, it is up to the countries to set targets and to ensure that their emissions are not “de-leveraged”.

“It’s a global deal and they have to be committed to it,” said Mr Barres.

“It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s a really good

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