Why will the Irish Government not fund a major plan to rebuild Dublin’s hospitals

Plan for a major overhaul of Dublin’s ageing hospitals is in the early stages, but it is already being debated in the House of Commons and will be the subject of debate at next year’s general election. 

The Government is expected to release a new hospital blueprint in the coming weeks.

It will include a vision for the future of the hospital system. 

Read moreThe report will look at the future growth of the system, as well as the current and future needs of hospitals, staff and visitors.

It could also look at how a plan for a new, larger, central Dublin hospital could be delivered. 

Dublin’s hospitals have been hit by budget cuts and the recession, with the latest forecast to be for a loss of €1.3 billion next year, with another €3.7 billion in 2020-21 and €7.5 billion in 2021-22.

The plan would see the closure of eight of the city’s 12 hospitals in 2020, with a further 12 closing by 2022.

Dublin is in need of a major hospital overhaul and its leaders have repeatedly stressed that the city is still in a period of transition, with many hospitals closed because of the recession. 

It is understood the Government is considering whether to fund a national hospital overhaul.

Dubai will be an example for other countries, the report will say.

“Dubai’s hospitals are now in a much healthier position than in recent years,” the report says.

“With the financial pressures and financial crisis now well under control, the Government’s plan to address the growing needs of the health sector, while keeping the hospitals running, will be a model for the rest of the country.”

The Government has previously suggested that the next hospital plan could be based on a €15 billion programme, but the report has suggested that could not be realistic.

“The Government’s approach to hospitals in Ireland and elsewhere is to provide a plan to fund an overhaul of the existing system with the objective of improving performance and efficiency,” the plan states.

“It is therefore essential that the plan to reform the system is supported by a plan that reflects the current state of the infrastructure and the needs of patients, staff, visitors and the public at large.”

Read more”The City of Dublin is in a transition period.

It is also at a point in its development that the need to rebuild and modernise the City’s hospitals has intensified.

It has also become apparent that a significant number of existing and planned hospitals will not be operating at their current levels.”

Dublin City Council said the report’s focus on Dublin’s existing and future problems with hospitals, coupled with the report finding that some of the Government plans to upgrade the city were “not cost effective”, would “raise serious concerns” about the Government plan to renovate Dublin’s main hospitals.

“While there is a strong desire to reform our hospitals, it is important to recognise that the Government has not yet considered the cost effectiveness of the proposal to renovating these facilities,” it said.

Dubrie has already been in discussions with the Irish government on a number of other options to modernise its hospitals, including an upgrade of the Mayo Clinic, which will open in 2020.

The report says that the report found that the costs of modernising the Mayo Centre were a major barrier to the plan.

“We were not able to assess the cost of modernisation of the facilities in the City of Dubrie as the Government will not provide a budget for this project,” it states.

Dubrisdale Council has already pledged to consult on the report, and says it will hold an emergency committee meeting to consider its findings.

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