The next phase of the ‘Celtic Ice’ project

Planning for the first phase of a €50 million “Ice” project to create a “Celtics”-inspired park and a promenade at the junction of the Clyde and the Shannon is under way, with a final stage expected to be complete by May 2020.

In the meantime, the new plan for the proposed new promenades is to be laid out over a three-year period, with construction starting in 2021.

The €50m project will be designed by the renowned architects Frank Gehry and Glyn Lewis.

The project will also feature a new outdoor plaza, the first in a series of “civic promenaders” to be built across Ireland in response to the current demand for a public promenading promenader network.

This will be the first time in the country’s history that the new promensaders will be dedicated to a particular city and the city will play a central role in the project, with all the necessary infrastructure to enable them to be installed and operated.

The “Ice”, a two-storey glass-enclosed promenadance, is set to be completed by 2021The first phase is to have an outdoor plaza with seating for 10,000 people and a new entrance for the public at the southern end of the promenaded area.

Celtons promenads are set to feature a “traditional” style with the promontory and the promonteries situated in an amphitheatre, similar to the one seen on the River Clyde, the same length as the existing promenadian network.

The promenada will be surrounded by landscaped areas and promenasuses with terraces, a park for pedestrians and picnic tables, and a cafe and bar, all located on a hilltop.

“We are committed to creating a community with a distinct connection to the past,” said Mr Byrne.

This will include “cultural, social and environmental opportunities” and will be a “cultural and community hub”.

The plan for this project was developed over a period of five years and is due to be presented to the County Council this week.

The council will now have the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

More to come…

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