When will we see the first real, tangible results from #ProjectOpinion?

The first real-world results are coming, according to the new hashtag marketing project, Project Opinion.

The hashtag was introduced in the aftermath of a #POTUSTwitter post that suggested the president was using his position to promote his campaign-style Twitter feed.

The hashtag has also generated a number of interesting discussions on social media.

It has been used to call out the way the administration has been using Twitter to promote itself, with critics of the administration saying it’s a waste of time.

And the hashtag has attracted controversy from users who say the administration is using it to distract from the ongoing investigations into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

There have been plenty of problems with #ProjectPoll, which was launched by a team of activists and journalists working for The Intercept, a news site that has reported extensively on the Trump administration.

But the hashtag appears to be gaining traction on the same side of the Atlantic, with a number people in the US and elsewhere calling on the White House to abandon the project.

On Twitter, some people are asking: What is #ProjectNews?

And it appears that a number are calling on Trump to remove the hashtag, calling it “an attack on free speech”.

One Twitter user, @Santorum, wrote: “@realDonaldTrump I am calling for your immediate removal of the #ProjectSantorum hashtag.

This hashtag is being used to attack our free speech and media freedoms.

It’s a shame that this hashtag was created in the first place.

The Project Opinion project, which aims to create a “media literacy project”, has already received support from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The group’s Executive Director Jameel Jaffer said the project was not intended to be a partisan tool but “to educate people on the role of media in society”.

Project Opinion is also part of a growing movement that aims to use hashtags to challenge the “false narratives” of mainstream news outlets.

On Wednesday, the group launched a hashtag campaign to highlight the lies being told about the Iran nuclear deal.

The campaign has generated a lot of discussion on Twitter, with users calling it a “false flag” tactic by Iran, which is trying to discredit the nuclear deal in an attempt to get it cancelled.

The group said that the campaign was meant to show the “big picture” of what was happening in Iran, but that “many people have been fooled into believing the lies”.”

The real message of #ProjectTruth is not that we need to ‘discover’ the truth, but rather that we should start looking at the whole picture of what is happening in our world and its consequences for our children and grandchildren,” the group said.”

To this end, we will use our platform to educate the American public about the dangerous and unacceptable actions of the Iranian regime.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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