Why is construction on the proposed 3,000-square-meter “typical” project plan for Jerusalem still not underway?

On Monday, construction crews were still on the job of finishing up the preliminary design of the first phase of the city’s first-phase urban renewal project, a planned overhaul of the capital’s streetscape.

The project will be completed in 2020.

The construction was initially slated to begin in late 2019.

It was pushed back several times, however, and the project has been delayed multiple times.

In the meantime, construction continues to grind along.

According to the Jerusalem Municipality, the initial construction work will take place on a three-year-period beginning with the completion of the initial phase.

Construction will continue on the first half of the project, with the final phase expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

A rendering of the Jerusalem street overhaul project, which will be complete in 2020, based on a plan submitted by the Jerusalem Urban Planning Institute.

Construction on the new project plan will begin in 2020Construction has been ongoing since September 2015, when the first iteration of the plan was released to the public.

The plan was then revised several times until the plan for the second phase was finalized in late 2017.

The revised plan, which was finalized by the municipality on July 29, 2017, will see a total of 1,400 square meters of streetscape improvements and improvements to the pedestrian area, according to a statement by the project’s development team.

Construction will be centered around the Ein Kerem Street intersection, where the road will connect to Ein Alon Highway, and a number of other areas in the city, including the Erez Crossing, the Old City, the Western Wall, and Mount Herzl.

The city will also be building an extension of the Eshkol Street Tunnel.

According the Jerusalem-based Jerusalem-Based Urbanist, a blog covering the development of the area, the city has been planning for this project for quite some time.

In fact, in January of this year, the Jerusalem Development Authority said that the city had begun work on the project since last summer.

However, it was unclear if this was the case with the project.

The development team has also not announced the final design of any of the projects that are in the works.

While the project is still in the planning stages, it is important to note that there is still a long way to go.

The Jerusalem Urban Development Authority announced that the project would be completed sometime in 2021.

However, it has yet to issue a deadline for completion.

According a statement posted by the Israeli Embassy in Washington, the government and the city are committed to completing the project within the timeline set forth by the construction agency.

The official statement also noted that the development is expected to create many new jobs for the city.

The Jerusalem- based Urbanist wrote in its article that the Jerusalem development team is still “working on all aspects of the work,” but it has not yet released any final designs.

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