Which sport is most likely to get a project float plane?

A project float airplane is a small, lightweight aircraft that can fly in water and can be powered by water as well.

It can also be used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes.

The plane is designed to fly in the water, where it is designed not to get into trouble with other planes, or to carry cargo, said a spokesperson for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

The ATSB has launched a search for a design company to develop the project float aircraft, which would cost around $500,000.

The project float can carry up to 20 passengers and the aircraft is also designed to be towed in case of a storm or power failure.

The aircraft has a number of potential uses, from surveillance and military operations, to tourism and even for medical and emergency use.

In Australia, there are more than 300 floating project floats, which are used to monitor the health of fish and other marine life, but the ATSB has not been able to find a suitable application for a float project.

The float plane is expected to replace a range of older and smaller maritime patrol boats, and the search for an application for an aircraft to fly on them has so far been unsuccessful.

Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) has a fleet of project floats in service around the country, which can be flown by ground crews or by aircrews.

They are operated by DoD’s Marine Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations Centre (MSRC), which also operates an aircraft based in Darwin.

The ATSSB spokesperson said the MSRC would look for an applicant for an airworthiness certificate to fly the project floats on a contract basis.

One of the projects floated by the DoD in 2017 was a floating aircraft used for maritime surveillance, but that aircraft was also cancelled in 2018 due to a lack of funds.

There have also been several smaller floating projects, including a hovercraft that was used by the Aussies Marine Rescue Service for maritime rescue.

The aircraft can also carry up 3 people.

While there are many different applications for a project plane to fly, the AUSB is hoping for a single company that can design and build the aircraft, so it can then find a company to supply the planes to the DoDs maritime patrol fleets.

The ASX-listed project float planes are expected to be operational by 2019.

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