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Nathalie is a designer and Creative Director with a real talent for business strategy. Her work consistently balances elegance, insight, and sophistication. Nathalie's aesthetic appealed to me from the moment I laid eyes on her work. I love her style and I was really inspired by her clarity of vision and purpose. I am so grateful to Nathalie for not only delivering gorgeous designs but also steering me on the right course as I start my business. She brings brilliant ideas to project planning and it's a joy to work with her! I felt so much clearer and lighter after our work sessions. And I couldn't be happier with the result!

– REBECCA C., New York




A little about Nathalie

I'm Nathalie Pincham & I'm the Creative Director and owner of Brightworks. Above all I love working with people who are excited and passionate about what they do, the kind of people who are inspired to drive positive change in the world.

The reason I was driven to launch this business was to be able to help great business ideas spread online in an elegant, stylish and strategic way.

I am excited to get to work every day helping creative business owners make a real impact by supporting them in building businesses and projects with soul and developing tools to tell their story.

I’m equally passionate about empowering business owners by coaching them in online business strategy and design through my actionable blog content, free business resource library, and website design classes.

My background:

I bring extensive experience in digital and print design, marketing, as well as nonprofit management and development. I love working with a diverse client list of small businesses I believe in wholeheartedly to help them build businesses they love.

What I know for sure:

I know it takes courage to start a business with the hope of having a positive impact. I also know that anyone wanting to see results needs a strong online presence and a clear development plan. Brightworks is here to help you do it.

Whether you need a gorgeous design or a clear strategy to take your business to the next level, I’m here to support you, and take action.  Contact me now for a chat!


Some things you'd learn about me if we met over a cup of coffee...

I have a British accent, speak French fluently and when I hosted a podcast would receive fan mail for my voice.
My current dream is to launch The Brightworks Project - watch this space...
My guilty pleasure is anything that involves butter and sugar and not much else. Or champagne.
I am an action taker – hard work doesn't frighten me and it's all worth it if it can make life better for people.
I am nearly always in the mood to dance which is something that surprises even me.
For me, a perfect day includes a visit to an art exhibit.
I believe joie de vivre is essential in life as is cherishing people with kind hearts.
I also have an unshakable belief in the power of a good joke.



We couldn’t be more pleased!  Our site is fast, smart & useful.  I feel a great sense of pride about it and send people to it all the time.  It’s truly an integral part of how we tell our story to our prospective clients.



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Brightworks Mission 


We're about more than delivering elegant, custom design with a modern, clean aesthetic. We also care deeply about giving you the tools to grow your business with intention. Which is why we'll teach you how to update your website and give you new tools as your business grows.  

We want to tell your unique story in the most compelling and faithful way possible so you can increase your reach and impact. We do it by developing clear creative strategy and supporting it with top-notch elegant design and all-around bright, creative ideas. 

It’s time for you to love your online home. Contact Nathalie today!