Creative Marketing That Works

1 powerful framework.

8 proven principles.

Result: a clear roadmap to help your business wow.


What’s the difference between marketing that makes people’s eyes glaze over, and marketing that makes people instantly interested?

Actually, there are a lot of differences. But clarity is at the heart of it.

If you follow key principles to tell your business story clearly, your customers will FEEL something when they come into contact with your business.

I want to give you an empowering way to tell your business story in a way that connects you with your customers. (Here’s a secret: this process usually ends up being about so much more than you think!)

It means no hard-selling. Instead, it feels exciting for your customers to interact with your business, learn about what you offer, and picture themselves doing business with you.

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I'm Nathalie Pincham, Creative Director and Owner of Brightworks, and I’m here to help you unlock the potential within your business story. My 20 years as a designer and my background in business management enable me to translate your vision into beautiful visual designs that showcase the best of your business.

I know how hard it is to build a business from the ground up and then get stuck when it comes to finding ways to grow. I've worked with all kinds of businesses and, regardless of industry, I’ve seen the impact that brand storytelling can have.

Anytime you sign up for a program or service at Brightworks you’ll be working directly with me. I've been a designer delighting in visual storytelling for more than 20 years. I have poured all my business, design, and marketing expertise into growing Brightworks into a fully-fledged marketing program.

I’m passionate about this work because I'm convinced your business is making the world a better place.

Yes, really. I believe running a mission-driven business is a super powerful way to make a difference in the world. And, in your own life. (The truth is, being a business owner completely transformed mine!)

So I absolutely don’t want you to feel stuck when it comes to your finding the right strategies to make your business grow.

That’s why I’ve built the Brightworks marketing framework and designed it to drive your business growth.

What’s in the framework? When you sign up to work with me, I'll give you the scoop.

What I know for sure:

I know it takes courage to start a business with the hope of making a positive impact. I also know that if you want to see results you need a strong online presence with a great message your customers will understand quickly and easily.

Brightworks is here to help you do it.

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Nathalie has a real talent for business strategy. Her work consistently balances elegance, insight and sophistication. I was really inspired by her clarity of vision and energized by her insights and advice. I am so grateful to Nathalie for steering me on the right course with my business. I felt so much clearer and lighter after our work sessions. And I couldn’t be happier with the result!
— REBECCA C., New York
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