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Hi, I’m Nathalie, the founder & Creative Director at Brightworks. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a designer with a love of art & sophisticated design, but soon discovered business development was something I was pretty excited about too. While balancing freelancing with working as Executive Director for a nonprofit, I learned the impact you can have when you combine business strategy with a mission. A few years into my journey, I also found myself coaching a couple of business owners and was blown away by the positive energy and momentum that came out of these meetings. I quickly realized that putting all these elements together was the direction I wanted to focus on. After taking multiple business & marketing classes (and I still do!), I took the leap into making Brightworks my full time business. 

Through my experience I have discovered that business is a great force for personal development and I have become passionately interested in the power of businesses to drive positive change in the world.


I have taken my talents, passion & knowledge and poured it into Brightworks, where I’m fiercely committed to empowering business owners by giving them tools to grow their business through my actionable blog content, step-by-step action plans & tutorials, free business resource library, and web design workshops.

While working with you, understanding and supporting your vision is the single most important aspect of my job. I can’t wait to meet you and hear which dreams you are building into your business and how I can help.


I know it takes courage to start a business with the hope of having a positive impact. I also know that anyone wanting to see results needs a strong online presence and a clear development plan. Brightworks is here to help you do it.


About Brightworks 


We want you to know one thing: we believe in business for positive impact and we believe in the dreams that fuel you to build a business.

We serve creative business owners through purposeful business building, branding and web design — approaching business ownership with joy, and purpose.

Which means we want to tell your unique story in the most compelling and faithful way possible to support you to increase your reach and impact.  We'll also give you helpful tools to work faster and easier as your business grows.

We’ll do it by developing clear strategy and supporting it with top-notch elegant design, the right tech tools, and all-around bright, creative ideas. 

You are a creative business owner who needs a brand and web design you love and feel proud of. You want your website and business strategy to be in line with your values. You want your online presence to be a place your clients can connect to you.

You want to build a business that allows your strengths to shine and makes a difference. 

Each program and service we’ve created is designed to help your business thrive by tapping into your unique strengths & goals. 

We know how exhilarating and difficult it can be. So we can promise you this: once you sign up to work with us we’ll advocate for the dreams you have and we’ll commit to getting you closer to where you want to be.


what it's like working with nathalie

Nathalie is a designer and Creative Director with a real talent for business strategy. Her work consistently balances elegance, insight, and sophistication. Nathalie's aesthetic appealed to me from the moment I laid eyes on her work. I love her style and I was really inspired by her clarity of vision and purpose. I am so grateful to Nathalie for not only delivering gorgeous designs but also steering me on the right course as I start my business. She brings brilliant ideas to project planning and it's a joy to work with her! I felt so much clearer and lighter after our work sessions. And I couldn't be happier with the result!

– REBECCA C, New York


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