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Have you been looking for the tools & confidence to launch a website? Are you hesitant to go it alone because you know there is so much you don't know?! Would you be happy to do most of it yourself but want some support & feedback too?

Then this class is for you!

I'll show you how to launch your fully functional, beautiful Squarespace website. The class will give you tech support, pro tips, tons of SEO advice and you’ll leave with the tools you need to update your site going forward.

PLUS you'll get a 45 minute coaching call so you can get feedback on your designs and come away with a personalized action plan!

It's focused, hands on, and you'll learn a lot. Everyone is welcome– from the technically challenged to the technically savvy– no need to feel intimidated!

This will take hard work. But the course has been designed to save you maximum time so you never need to go back and retrace your steps. I've designed it to give you all the shortcuts you need to launch ASAP!

The Website Workshop


You should take this class if:

✓  You know how important a beautiful website is for your business but can't afford to hire a designer yet

✓  You want someone to walk you through the process step by step & help build your confidence

✓  You want to be able to get feedback & ask questions as you go

✓  You want a website you’re proud of that shows off your unique creative business

✓  You want a website that's easy to update

✓  You want a website that can evolve as your business grows

✓  You want a website that you have control over, & you don't have to pay someone each time you need to make a change


You will learn how to:

1.    Setup a domain & reroute your domain to your new Squarespace site
2.    Choose and customize a Squarespace template.
3.     Create a visitor pathway for your website
4.     Learn important website design principles & create visual impact
5.     Optimize images
6.     Organize the site structure & content in an intuitive way to maximize engagement
7.     Get started with blogging (aka SEO!)
8.     Link your social profiles
9.     Understand analytics
10.   Understand & implement SEO best practices
11.    Brand your site
12.    Launch your site

PLUS You'll get access to the client library so you always have pointers on how to keep your site up to date.


What's included: 

✓  Branding Guidance: A brand exercise & exploration

  A step by step plan that covers EVERYTHING you'll need to get you ready to launch!

  Action Checklists at the end of each lesson to keep you on track

✓  Videos & Worksheets: Step by step video tutorials on the tricky steps [and if there’s a video you need, we’ll make one!]

✓  Design Help & Guidance: Design & typography tips. 

✓  Resources: All our go-to sources for images & fonts plus our design tips

✓  Pro web design tips: You'll get invaluable tips & tricks along the way to make sure you launch strong!

✓  Access to client portal: Lifetime access to the Brightworks client library with tutorials in case you forget something!

✓  Private Facebook group [coming soon!]: You'll get exclusive access to a private community of fellow DIYers (and Nathalie) via a private FB group. If you have any questions that arise during or after the class, you can always email us for advice, encouragement and a helping hand.

✓  Self paced course so you can move at your own pace



Nathalie is a designer and Creative Director with a real talent for business strategy. Her work consistently balances elegance, insight, and sophistication. I was really inspired by her clarity of vision and purpose. She brings brilliant ideas to project planning and it's a joy to work with her! I felt so much clearer and lighter after our work sessions. And I couldn't be happier with the result!

– REBECCA C., New York




Coaching Session

We’ll focus on what you need most:

➳   Eager to make your site look perfect but it's not quite working & you don’t know where you’re going wrong? 

I'll walk you through what you need to change on your website to make it more effective, user-friendly and convert visitors into clients. We'll deal with any tech fears you might have!

➳    Confused about how to create an opt in so people actually sign up? 
We’ll map one out together that’s tailored to your specific business, industry, ideal client, and niche. We can also cover how to use third party integrations like Mailchimp.

➳     This won't be a general list of topics– we'll go over your specific questions & concerns.
You won't be getting vague, general advice. I’ll tell you what you need to know to for your exact stage of business, based on your specific audience and business goals

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✓    A Personalized Action Plan
After our call you'll receive a customized, specific set of action steps so you know exactly what to do next. and when to do it for best results. 

✓    Two whole weeks of email support to answer new questions that might come up for you as you implement the lessons in the course. I want to make sure you’re moving forward and want you to launch your site confidently!


How it works

You will receive an email with a link to schedule your Power Session with Nathalie. Sessions are held via phone or Zoom video. You will then be sent a questionnaire which you need to return BEFORE our scheduled session. During our session and in the personalized action plan, you'll receive strategic recommendations to help clarify the next few steps you need to focus on.

And if you want ongoing support after this session is completed, additional session packages are available.


To read the Terms & Conditions and to read Frequently Asked Questions, click here.



Self Paced Website Class with Action Plans & Downloads + Coaching Call + Personalized Action Plan + Email support