Brittany Drozd Coaching

NEW Website Design


Website design for Brittany Drozd by Brightworks Studio

Brittany Drozd is a successful Business Coach who came to us looking for a modern, stylish website for her business.

Our goal was to create a personal, welcoming site which would be a great platform for her vlog as well. We wanted the site to incorporate Brittany's professionalism and bold approach to coaching. We're thrilled to be a part of Brittany's exciting journey!

The three biggest benefits of my new site are: #1- I’m so proud to list my website everywhere and send potential customers to it. #2 It’s a great reflection of my business and what I’m about - drawing in my ideal clients! #3 - it’s a great user experience!

People usually contact me after they’ve looked at my website. Since the new site launch, the emails I get from new clients include statements such as “you’re so professional”, “get a feel for you right from the start”, “what you said really connected with me”, “I felt like you were speaking directly to me!”

Nathalie made the process easy for me with guidelines for the project - I could approach it piece by piece without the overwhelm most people experience when revamping their website & branding. 
— Brittany Drozd