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You: You’re in charge of an in-house marketing team or you own your own business, and you don't want a one-size-fits-all kind of approach.

You know you need a top notch website. But you also need a marketing plan to go with it, clear messaging and the confidence to execute your monthly or quarterly marketing campaigns.

You might feel you don't have the time, tech savvy or inclination to master the technology to bring in the business you need. But you might also feel that it’s hard to know who to trust and you're tired of all the aggressive marketing tactics you see everywhere that make you cringe.  

You just wish you could rely on someone to handle your website & marketing campaigns for you and still have them feel authentically YOU. 

If any of this describes where you’re at right now… you are not alone!

How Brightworks comes in: We give you designs and marketing tailor-made for your brand to help you stand out in a sea of a billion websites (yes, really, there are that many, and counting!) Teaming up with us is your shortcut to up-leveling your business and getting new clients that are the right fit for you. 


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We know your project is unique so you will receive a custom quote from us but these three packages give you an idea of the scope we can offer you.



zero to launched


Learn to build your own website
Get design guidance & coaching
Build your tech & design confidence
Understand analytics
Implement SEO best practices
Access to the client library


45 minute coaching call

Personalized Action Plan

Two whole weeks of email support




webSITE design


Consultation Call
Custom Website Design
E-Commerce/Course Setup
Blog Setup/Optimization
Newsletter Design
3rd Party Integrations
Search Engine Optimization

Tech Training
Access to Training Portal
Custom Recommendations



+  Bilingual Website
+  Copywriting
+ Brand Style Guide
+  Business Card Design
+  Brochure/Stationery Design
+  Course Material Design





enchant & Delight


Monthly Strategy Call


Newsletter Design
Custom Website Updates
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Posts
Styled Social Graphics



+  Elegant Funnel Design & Build
+  Opt-in Design & Integration
+  Expert Speaker Slide Deck
+  Brochure Design
+  Poster/Brochure Design
+  Stationery/Invitation Design
+  Business Card Design




Our approach IS Right for you if:

  • You want someone you can trust who cares about the vision you have for your business 
  • You're seeking a visual identity that is distinct from others in your industry
  • Making a positive impact with your business is important to you
  • Your current online presence doesn't reflect the quality of your business or the vision behind it
  • You've tried doing what you've seen work for other business owners — and not sure why it's not working for you
  • You know that a well designed website & marketing materials will help you attract the clients you are hoping to reach 
  • You have a clear focus for your business, but feel pulled in too many directions trying to take it to the next level


  • Having a clean and sophisticated visual identity you can't wait to show off!

  • Having support implementing all the right tools to assist your business growth

  • Not being locked into an expensive agreement with a web developer to do all your updates
  • Having us teach you & your team how to update your own site & have lifetime access to our client training portal
  • Having a website structure that will allow you to add features as you grow
  • Respecting the value of your own time and investing in a proven roadmap to ensure that your hard work is well spent.
  • Feeling empowered to maintain your own website & taking control of your business!


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