Where to find the perfect fonts for your brand

When you need that extra font to upgrade your visual design with typography, these are the font sites for finding and downloading them!


7 top sites for finding fonts for your brand

1.              Google Fonts
                  Beautiful, fast, and great typography which work online.

2.              Typecast

Typecast is a free design tool for prototyping web type, web pages & RWD

3.              Fontflame

The simple ranking system allows you to decide on font pairings you like. Tinder for font pairing.

4.              1001 Fonts

Over 12000 free fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux, free licenses for commercial use. Includes great calligraphy and handwritten fonts.

5.              Fontstruct

This is a fun tool to play with !  It’s a free online font-building tool. Fonts can be shared and downloaded.

6.              Font Squirrel

Download thousands of completely legal, high quality, free fonts.

7.              What Font Is

For all of us font geeks who desperately need to know what that mystery font is…