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Website design for Atwood Art by Brightworks Studio
Website design for Atwood Art by Brightworks Studio

Bill Atwood is an architect and an artist. Better known for high-profile architecture projects, Bill is coming back to his roots in art and has had several successful shows in the United States this year.

Born in downtown Miami, in a neighborhood rich in diversity and violence, his mother kept him busy making scrapbooks full of patterns.  He calls man's interaction with these patterns "the human dilemma."

It has been a real pleasure working closely with Bill on designing his brand and logo and launching this site. Bill's site will continue to evolve as we add more of his extensive collection online on a rolling basis and also add a shop later this year to allow people to purchase some of his pieces directly.

I have been involved in the creative world all of my life. I also taught at the college level and owned an Architecture Firm for 36 years.

All creative design is simply divided into two parts: process and product. I have watched the best and I’ve worked with the best. A few, a very few, can balance these two parts.

When you see it, it’s magical. Nathalie has that magic.

While hearing you, the client, she tells your story. A story that is made more powerful by her quiet unassuming approach.
— Bill Atwood