Icons are a simple way to guide visitors into the different parts of your website. But before you start downloading icon sets, here are some tips for you to think about:

The key to using icons well is to pay attention to line weights, proportions, and the amount of positive versus negative space used. You also need to make sure there is a consistency of look in your overall design by making sure that the icons you use look like they are part of a set. One of the tricky things is that it must be obvious what each icon means! Some nicely designed icons can end up looking confusing when they are stripped out of their larger set. Make sure each icon you use relates to every other icon on your site.

So one of the key things to think about before downloading icons is that you need to make sure any icons you download are scalable. Vectors (AI, EPS, SVG) can be scaled in size and maintain quality, while pixel-based images (PNG, JPG, PSD) cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. And of course, if you need to reduce size significantly, don’t forget to think about legibility.

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So here are the top sites we recommend for icons:

Huge variety of icons! Nearly 1 Million icons, royalty–free.

This is a large database of icons designed by designers.

Illustrations and images by designers.

Iconfinder offers beautiful icons for designers and developers. This is the largest collection of premium icons.

Minicons provides a set of 210, vector-based free icons. You can download all of them in a single click, and they're free for both personal and commercial use.

Create your own webfonts of icons with this easy composer. Choosefrom a few really good collections. You can change the pixel sizes, customize the file names, and download your webfont bundle.


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