The secret to building a successful business


There is only one you in the world.

And there’s only one business fueled by your talents and dreams.

You and your business shine when you really tune into what makes you unique, what drives you and what inspires you.

When you do that, and you manage to convey that to your audience, you stand out from your competition.

The people who care about you and your message enough to follow you on social media, and to work with you, want to get to know the real you. The authentic part of you, boldly showing up in the world. The version of you that doesn’t hold back in fear of judgment, criticism or misunderstanding.

And the toned-down, quiet you? The play-it-safe version of you? Let's be honest, no one’s that interested.

This is a tough lesson to learn in business. I know because I've really struggled with it in this first year of business.

Plus I had to undo many years of being taught that being reserved and communicating only what had to be communicated was the key to being professional.

So when I started a business I had no intention of using social media. I swore I would never start a blog. I would never disturb people with an email each week. I did not even have a single photo of myself on my website. And I never shared advice or personal stories unless they were solicited.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll have noticed quite a change on this site these past 6 months. I've come a long way. 

What I've discovered is that starting a business is an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. When you're ready to do what it takes to grow your business with integrity and in line with your vision for your life, you have to move beyond your current zone of comfort. You will have to stretch to learn new things, to try things you said you'd never be able to do, to learn that some of the things you thought you would be able to do are much harder than you imagined. 

I'm still working really hard on showing up fully in the world. Not just in my personal life or just in business, but in both.

I've discovered that when you embrace who you are and what you stand for, your actions and decisions in all realms of your life can truly be aligned with your core values.

What happens next is that the way that you present yourself, and your business, will also be congruent. It all becomes much easier to convey your message with clarity.

And then something quite magical happens:

Your audience starts to feel like they know you, and that they like you. Then they begin to feel they can trust you. And then they start to reach out to you.

The reason behind this is that people choose to do business with people they can relate to or look up to. 

We all deeply want to be seen, heard and understood. To feel that we belong somewhere, that there are others out in the world who "get" us. Which means we also want to see, hear and understand others. And it's the people who we feel "get" us are the ones we'll want to reach out to and work with.

When you give yourself permission to be the boldest expression of who you are, when you don't hold yourself back for fear of what people think, people want to get to know you.

By being authentically you, you also give your audience inspiration and permission to do the same. When you have the courage to show up boldly in the world, more people will be inspired to do the same.

You change the world by really being you.

Isn't that amazing?

So tell me, does this ring true for you? Are you on a path to being bolder in your life and business in order to be more you

If you're just getting started with this process and these questions, I want to invite you to use my strength finding quiz. Find out in just 60 seconds how to own your signature strengths so you can stand out and know what to focus on next so you can build a successful business.